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100pc Shockwave Packout Bit Set

SKU: AB45510684Milwaukee Tool300Available Order Delivered Within 24 Hours

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Product Description

100pc Shockwave Packout Bit Set.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wear Guard Tip protects fit over the life of the bit
  • Optimized Shockzone absorbs peak torque and prevents breaking
  • Custom Alloy76 Steel is engineered to extend bit life
  • Precise Fit Custom Machined Tip prevents stripping and reduces wobble.
  • Shockzones are optimized in both length and width per tip type for best performance across tip types.

INCLUDES:(1) SHOCKWAVE Compact Magnetic Bit Holder (2)Phillips Bit 1" P1 (6)Phillips Bit 1"P (2)Phillips Bit 1" PR2 (2)Phillips Bit 1" P3 (2)Square Bit 1" SQ1 (6)Square Bit 1" SQ2 (2)Square Bit 1" SQ3 (2)TORX® Bit 1" T10(2)TORX® Bit 1" T15 (6)TORX® Bit 1" T20 (6)TORX® Bit 1" T25 (2) TORX® Bit 1" T27 (2)TORX® Bit 1" T30 (1)Hex Bit 1" 3/32" (1)Slotted Bit 1" SL 1/4" (1)Slotted Bit 1/6" (1)Slotted Bit 1/8" (1)Slotted 1" #10 Bit (1)Slotted 1" #12 Bit (1)Hex Bit 1" 7/64" (1)Hex Bit 1" 1/8" (1)Hex Bit 1" 9/64" (1)Hex Bit 1" 5/32" (1)Hex Bit 1" 3/16" (1)Hex Bit 1" 1/4" (2)Phillips Bit 2" P1 (5)Phillips Bit 2" P2 (2)Phillips Bit 2" P3 (2)Square Bit 2" SQ1 (5)Square Bit 2" SQ2 (2)Square Bit 2" SQ3 (2)TORX® Bit 2" T10 (2)TORX® Bit 2" T15 (5)TORX® Bit 2" T20 (5)TORX® Bit 2" T25 (2)TORX® Bit 2" T27 (1)Phillips Bit 3.5" P2 (1)Square Bit 3.5" SQ2 (1)TORX® Bit 3.5" T25 (1)P2/P2 Double Ended Bit (1)P2/SL #10 Double Ended Bit (1)P2/T25 Double Ended Bit (1)P2/SQ2 Double Ended Bit (1)T20/T25 Double Ended Bit (1)1/4" Magnetic Nut Driver (1)5/16" Magnetic Nut Driver

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