Milton Brake Releaser

Milton Brake Releaser

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Milton Brake Releaser.

Features and Benefits:

  • Release already frozen brakes or pre-treat air brake lines to reduce the risk of jackknifing on the highway
  • Release already frozen brakes or pre-treat air brake lines to reduce the risk of jackknifing on the highway
  • Attach The Brake Releaser to the emergency side line via its durable glad hand connections for easy install
  • Compatible with semi-trailers, flatbeds, or any other trailer with an air brake system
  • Max pressure: 150 PSI; Max low temp.: -40 F (-40 C)
  • The Brake Releaser - Turbo Boosting De-icer Delivery System A safe, speedy alternative to the ol' pour and spill into the glad-hand. The Brake Releaser by Milton allows for a controlled burst of de-icing solution. Designed as a backup to the cab's dryer unit where frigid conditions can still freeze up lines, The Brake Releaser uses the trailer's air supply to deliver a powerful stream - dissolving ice crystals built up in the trucks brake lines. The Brake Releaser is great for use with semi-trailers, flatbeds, or any other platform with an air brake system. Available in two kit versions: The Brake Releaser Standard Kit and The Brake Releaser Accessory Kit. What's In The Box: Kit w/ Accessories (Part #: 2810A-KIT) The Brake Releaser Unit 45 Outlet Straight Outlet Safety Glasses Safety Gloves Instruction Manual

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